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 Boarding Costs

There are several options for boarding, whether that’s full board or casual for students who may have sports practices two nights per week that they stay in for.

Full Boarding

Full boarding is for 5 & 1/2 days a week. The hostel opens from Sunday evening through to 12 noon Saturday. 

From 2020 the annual cost for boarders is $12,500.00. 

A one-off bond payment of $750 is required for each student at all year levels at the beginning of their first year. This will be held in trust for the duration of the students’ boarding at Poto College House and will be refunded upon request should there be no damage incurred by the student on hostel property and annual costs are paid in full each year. 






 Casual Boarders

Casual boarders (maximum 3 nights per week) pay $75 per night. This includes dinner on the first night and breakfast and lunch following the last night and all meals in between.

 Casual boarders may be those students who live some distance from the college and require accommodation on evenings where they have had late sports practices. 

They may also be students whose parent are travelling away from home and require a safe and structured environment for their teenager to live in while they are away.  

The one off $750 bond also applies to casual boarders and must be paid at the commencement of their boarding. The same policy applies in regard to the return of the bond as it does with the full time boarders.

 Acceptance of casual boarders will depend on the availability of space at the time of request. 

Our policies

 Policy Statement

The payment of hostel costs is to be in advance, by automatic payment or payment in full.


An initial one-off deposit equivalent to four weeks of hostel costs is to be paid on acceptance of admission into the hostel (new enrolments).

A one-off $750 bond is also required at the commencement of the year and this will be refunded to families at the end of their child’s boarding at Poto College House in full should there be no damage to Poto College House property.

Students withdrawn after acceptance of admission, and not giving the required ten weeks’ notice will forfeit the deposit.

 The remaining costs may be paid either:

  1. By payment in full – total costs paid by 1st March. This method attracts a 2.5% discount.
  2. By weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debit instalments between February and 31st October.


  1. An account will be sent in February or at admission, with statements each month.
  2. Parent/Caregivers are to supply an automatic payment authority to the Poto College House office by 15th February or on admission.
  3. Parent/Caregivers are liable for all costs incurred with debt collection for any unpaid accounts.
  4. Non-payment of costs may result in the student being removed from the hostel.
  5. Only selected Bursaries and Grants credited directly to Poto College House Trust from the college  (Government Boarding Bursary/Allowance) can be deducted once written documentation of eligibility is received.
  6. Withdrawal from the Hostel requires written notification of ten weeks. Failure to do so will incur a maximum ten-week hostel cost payment, in lieu of notice. Waiver of this cost is at the discretion of the Poto College House Trust Board, on written request from the debtor.


Reviewed: October 2019


Your questions

 Boarding FAQs 


What is the food like?

There are three meals a day in the hostel dining room plus there’s a tuck-shop at the school that’s open at morning tea. At breakfast you’ll have toast, cereals and fruit to choose from. Lunch will always have a hot option plus a selection of salads from the salad bar or you could make sandwiches.  Dinner could be a roast, lasagne, curry, homemade pie or lots of other things. There’s a good variety and there are always options so you’ll never be hungry even if you don’t like the main meal being served. If you’re a vegetarian there’s always a meat-free option and we will also cater for any food allergies. 

Who does my washing?

Sheets, towels, sports gear and uniforms are washed by the school laundry most week days except on the last Friday of term.

What happens after school?

There will be sports, and other practices on Monday to Thursday and some boarders do other activities. If your time is free you can go swimming, play sport, complete assignments, or just hang out with your mates until tea time at 5.45pm. Once a week you are allowed to go on town leave from 3.10 – 5.00pm. Most boarders like to be busy so they sign up for sports teams in the summer and winter.

What if I'm finding it hard to settle in?

It’s always valuable to talk to a friend at school if you’re finding settling in tricky or need some help figuring things out. Everyone at the boarding house is in the same situation as you so they are in a great position to support you because they’re there, standing right beside you on the boarding journey. It’s also a good idea to chat to an adult who you are comfortable with at the hostel like the Hostel Manager or the Matron or a hostel parent if the issue is serious or goes on for more than a day or two.

You should always feel free to call friends and family outside of school too, because keeping up good communication is really important in close relationships. The school counsellor is always available for one-on-one chats to help you figure things out, too.

In general, if you’re feeling a bit lonely or sad or at a loose end, try your best to get involved with stuff that’s going on at school, make an effort to be a part of activities and events and put yourself out there. It’s talking with your mates and being a part of the school family that will make your boarding experience everything you want it to be. Finding common ground with other boarders is a really helpful thing to do and that usually happens through getting involved in activities whether they are organised by the hostel staff or a kick around on the oval after school.

Do I have to wear my school uniform all the time?

No, after school you can change into mufti, unless you are granted town leave. All boarders go into town after school in uniform. When you arrive at Poto College House on Sunday evening or Monday morning you must be dressed in your full uniform whether you are travelling on public transport or privately in a car.


What happens if I'm sick?

If you feel sick then let the Matron or Hostel Manager know. We’ll always have panadol available, and if you need to go and lie down in the sick bay or your dorm you can as long as you get the Hostel Manager’s or Matron’s permission first. If you need to see a doctor we’ll take you to one, and if you’re really unwell we’ll call your parents and you may decide to go home to get better.

Can I just board for a night or two?

Yes! We offer casual boarding to day students who need to board temporarily. This can be done for up to 100 nights per year. 

What should I bring with me?

There are some things you will need to bring to make sure you’re ready for everything the school day brings. You’ll need:

– Your uniform with name tags on  all the items (including smalls).

– School supplies from the stationary list given to you by school. 

– Toiletries like shower gel, hair products, toothbrush and toothpaste and deodorant. Note that you can’t bring aerosol sprays like Rexona or Lynx because they set off the fire alarms. 

– Mufti clothes for hanging out in, togs, PJs and sports gear plus at least one smart outfit for out of school hours. Clothes of a reasonable length must be worn to dinner. Anything too short isn’t appropriate and you will be asked to change.

– Towels and face cloths and your own bedding if you would prefer it otherwise we supply mattress protectors and sheets. Boarders like to bring their own duvets and pillows.

– Sewing kit

– Shoe polish. 

– Coat hangers. 

– Photos, pictures, cushions and any other accessories that you want to have in your cube to make it feel like home. 


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