The Poto College House Trust is delighted to offer for the first time a scholarship to a Year 8 student applying to board at Poto College House for their year 9 academic year and beyond. The scholarship of $2,000 is valid for the boarder’s year 9 of boarding in 2021 and will be credited to the successful applicant’s first year fees.

The scholarship has come about from an anonymous donor who has kindly offered $1,000 and the Poto College House Trust who will match the $1,000 to bring the total to $2,000. The intention of the scholarship is to reward an individual who believes they are a good citizen, has good work habits, and will be a positive role model and involved member of the Poto College House family/whanau.

Year 9 boarders are invited to complete and submit the application form to the Manager of Poto College House supported by a written reference from their classroom teacher and a phone contact reference from a significant adult such as a sports coach, music teacher, drama teacher, community group leader etc (not to be a parent or family member).

The application and teacher reference are to be completed and submitted by 30th October 2020.


The Poto College House Citizenship Award will be awarded to a Year 8 student going into Year 9 at Wairarapa College and Poto College House who has displayed the qualities of a person who:

  • Has worked diligently towards academic success
  • Is empathetic to others
  • Behaves in an inclusive manner
  • Has involved themselves in the life of and contribution to their primary school whether that be in a leadership role, a school committee, giving service to their school, involved in a sport (individual or team), cultural group, drama group
  • Is respectful to adults and peers and their diversity
  • Is a general all-round good person and role model to their peers and those younger than themselves

This application may also be supported with evidence of recognitions which relate to the above criteria.